The digital evolution requires enormous efforts across the company in terms of clean development and its implementation. To effectively carry out the digitization process you need a reliable Technical Partner at your side. DIGWAY is willing to be your first point of contact in that matter!

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Digital evolution - less is more!

The constant development of internal processes requires the simultaneous progression of your systems. Because of that reason, it is increasingly necessary to combine digital systems so that they can communicate with one another without any problems. The digital evolution takes place when individual systems are connected to form a holistic system landscape that does more than each system on its own.

Technical specializations and business areas

  • Implementation of customer-specific logic
  • Optimization of internal processes
  • Integrations of external and legacy systems
  • Information security management
  • Business process management
  • DMS (document management system)
  • Process digitization
  • Broker processes
  • Claims settlement
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

The road to digitization


The dedicated system for insurance


Preparation for implementation

Platform universalization


Process optimization of an insurance brokerage office

SUPRA Brokers, a Polish insurance brokerage company specializing in public sector operations, asked us for assistance. The internal work processes were controlled by a large number of separate systems that could not communicate with one another. We have created a holistic solution for the company that includes the following optimizations:


  • Development of a platform with access to all relevant information, divided according to a new responsibility / dependency logic
  • Integration of an application for the reporting process between the respective insurance company and the hospital
  • Migration of all "old data" into the new system
  • Integration of a new data management system

Business Impact:

  • Reduction of operating errors by employees
  • Significant increase in the quality of information security
  • Digital document filing
  • Implementation of a digitization interface for paper documents in the new system

Process optimization in claims settlement

INOTIS is one of the largest Polish companies in the field of claims processing for insurance companies. In your complex network, including consisting of a large number of different experts and a large amount of sensitive data, this data must be managed with the greatest care and efficiency. We have designed a system for INOTIS that includes the following areas are automated:


  • Monitoring system for mapping all existing contract types
  • Processing mechanisms for the respective insurance policies
  • Synchronization of all data records in the network
  • Interface for the exchange of sensitive data with the insurance companies involved

Business Impact:

  • Optimization of the damage report
  • Significant increase in the quality of information security

Process optimization in the area of life insurance

The msg nexinsure company focuses on smart solutions in the area of "Systems of Engagement" and forms the new hub for the msg Group's own insurance solutions. On behalf of msg nexinsure, we have developed and implemented a central system component for comprehensive insurance services for an internationally operating company from Austria.


  • Integration of a data migration program that was created taking individual customer specifications into account
  • Development of system communication channels taking into account the compatibility with external third-party systems of the respective business partners
  • Creation of temporary solutions for the transition period up to the complete integration of the new overall system
  • Integration with Uniserv - a system for verifying customer records
  • Creation of framework conditions that guarantee correct handling of the GDPR in the area of the storage of personal customer data

Business Impact:

  • Significant increase in the quality of information security
  • Integration of a system according to the GDPR
  • Ensuring communication and compatibility with external third-party systems
  • Ensuring the compatibility and parallel operation of the new and old system during the transition period


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DIGWAY was founded in 2020 as part of the merger of the two software houses AWSM Systems and Antologic, who can now fall back on a large pool of experience and talent. Our many years of expertise in the European market and excellent knowledge of back office processes in insurance companies make us a reliable partner with a view to the digital evolution of various forms of organization.

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